Make good art

Photography is an art, we may sometimes forget this caught up in the technical whirl wind of new gadgets and cameras with more giggly watts. But the purpose, to make a beautiful soul striking image, comes from recognizing and utilizing it as an art form. 

Is it a constant battle to continue bettering your art, to remain satisfied and true to what you're trying to achieve? Watching this video might just be what you need. Neil Gainman gives a university commencement speech dealing out nuggets of advice aimed to arm you better for your artistic battle. I felt inspired by his words and I hope you feel the same.

For those of you that don’t have 20 minutes spare, I have extracted a few ideas from the video that I feel are the most interesting.


Have a clear goal and make decisions that put you closer to achieving it.

Having your ultimate goal clear in your mind will make all those fork in the road decisions easier and more effective. Win win!

Failure is expected and you must be thick skinned to deal with it.

Failure can flick our off switch if we let it. It’s important to know that professionals deal with it in a constructive way and continue on their artistic journey.

Do work your proud of. If you don't get the money at least you have the work.

Why else would you shoot? Even if it’s a paid job, your work will be better if you are driven to make something you are proud of.

Make your own art.

Because only you can. This resonates with “if you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s easier to do”. I have found that trying too hard to style my images like another photographer makes be blind to the possibilities around me. The bounds of my impossible are tightened and as a result my images suffer.


What did you take from the video? Share with us in the comments below. 


Until next time,

Alexander Roe